Flying Cow Creamery

Flying Cow Creamery was started in 2013 by two friends, Selma Bjarnadottir and Keith Fagernes.  Keith is the Dairy farmer that raises the cows that provide the milk for the creamery’s products.  Selma runs the Creamery and is the primary Yogurt maker. 

The Dairy and Creamery are located in beautiful Independence Valley.  We originally started making yogurt at the Black Sheep Creamery in Adna.  We leased their creamery one day a week for one year but in May 2014 we finished building our own creamery that sits across the road from the dairy on Independence road near Rochester. 

The dream of having a creamery was sparked many years ago.  It took a long time, and a lot of hard work and determination to make it a reality.  We are thankful to finally be in production and making wonderful yogurt for our community. 

Selma has always been an advocate for healthy and happy lives for farm animals.  She believes that we farmers are obligated to give them the very best life we can, because we respect them and they are our nourishment.  The first thing Keith thinks about in the morning and the last thing he thinks about at night are his ‘ladies’ (the dairy cows).  That is a true farmer.  Their welfare is his passion.  The very high quality milk they provide is because he cares and because he strives to make their lives as good as he possibly can.  The reward is a super high quality milk not found in many places.  (see High Quality Milk)

Our Mission Statement:

Flying Cow Creamery is committed to providing a very high quality yogurt and other dairy products to the regional community.  Our products will be packaged in American made glass containers that are both returnable and reusable, and will therefore work towards a waste-free society.

Our Goals:

Our goal as a Creamery is to make the very best local cultured dairy products, and provide the high quality a knowledgeable consumer demands.  We want to have an open and honest relationship with our customers.  Through our website we want to educate people about what high quality milk is, and how it is achieved, from the soil to the dinner table.  We want people to connect with the source of their food. 

Our products will be packaged in glass that is returnable to us.  This is our commitment to the environment.  We will use glass containers made in America.  We want American industry to thrive and feel we need to help make that happen.